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New Year’s Eve in London is typically celebrated in a champagne-fuelled whirlwind, with typical stop-offs including freezing your socks off in an ill-advised sparkly mini dress in -2°C temperatures, a row with a bouncer and, in some cases, a strategic pre-midnight vomit. However, around the world, the traditions are a little different. We take a look at some of the more unusual ways people will be celebrating this year.


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‘What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?’ We don’t know about you, but at London Living, no question can bring us out in a cold sweat more effectively. It’s a nationwide idiosyncrasy that for some reason, even the most organised and social individuals get in a festive flap at the prospect of where they will see in the New Year.

So, being the lovely people we are, we have decided to hand-pick our favourite events and recommend some weird and wonderful parties for you to see in 2013.

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Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas everybody! Hopefully you are reading this having just ripped open all the presents you wanted, whilst washing down a scrumptious Christmas lunch with a glass of something nice.

By the way, if you’re still stumped for New Year’s Eve plans, fear not, we’ll be publishing a great article on unusual London New Year’s Eve festivities tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

You’ve been sat at work for weeks now, counting those precious December days down in your head, calculating precisely how many hours you have left to finally face the music and purchase that haul of Christmas presents for family and friends – and yet you’re still giftless.

Feeling panicky?

Don’t worry, we know the feeling too well. So, if you’re not quite ready to tackle a throbbing Oxford Street and you feel about as inspirational as this drizzly weather, we thought …

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