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Chess – all things great and small

Continuing our focus on everything chess this week, today we’re out to prove that some chess games actually require one to have a little more brawn over brains.

That’s true if you’ve got to lug a hefty life-size chess piece a few yards having planned your next move. Or, if you have to successfully construct a humongous board in a field in order to play!

That said, we’ve selected some of our favourite chess images from around the world. Enjoy…

Indulge in a spot of outdoor chess in Holland Park summer:

Or pick your next move whilst being manhandled by a nosy stingray, like these guys:

Apparently, this is the world’s largest chess piece, in St. Louis, USA:

Ever wondered just what it takes to construct the world’s biggest chess board like this 400 x 400 metre one in Germany?

Well, for starters, you’ll need a tractor:

A few helping hands:

A (flat, preferably) field:

And, “hey presto”, you’ve got yourself a gargantuan rural chess board (we’re still trying to work out how you’re supposed to play though):

Here’s a look at the world’s largest ever chess gathering, in India, where 20,408 players sat down to play in Ahmedabad back in 2010:

And finally, does anyone remember this awesome ice chess board that was stationed in Trafalgar Square, back in 2007?

Chess Beneath The Lion

If there’s anything we’ve missed out, do please get in touch – we welcome your suggestions!

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