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Infographic: An Hour In The Life Of London

You’re probably aware that the clocks go forward this Sunday 25th March.

Continuing our exploration of the theme of time we hope that, by showing you the astonishing amount of activity that takes place every hour in the capital, our infographic will help you take stock, think about how you’re spending your hours – and remind you to put your clocks forward this weekend!

An Hour In The Life Of London infographic


Litres of water flow under Tower Bridge:

Cups of tea consumed per hour:

London Cab rides per hour:

Pints of beer are consumed per hour:

Passengers take a journey on public transport per hour:

Tweets per hour:

Calls to the speaking clock per hour:

Journeys by Boris Bike:

Parking Tickets issued per hour:  

Loaves of Bread sold per hour:

Times caught on CCTV per hour:

Weddings per hour:

London inhabitants per hour:

Revolutions of the London Eye per hour:

Population data was provided by Wolfram Alpha

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