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London Grilling with REDYELLOWBLUE

Another week, another new retailer to open its doors in Stratford’s East Village. Already with four venues across London, the JaguarShoes Collective is expanding once more and unveiling a fifth space in the former Athletes’ Village. We caught up with Pasha Jacobs, who is the Creative Producer at REDYELLOWBLUE, to find out what this new space is all about. (Spoiler: it has nothing to do with shoes).

outside2_loImage: JaguarShoes

First of all – can you give us an introduction to what REDYELLOWBLUE is?

REDYELLOWBLUE is a new digital art project from the JaguarShoes Collective. Taking our offering - ’Art + Social’ into the next decade, the interior will be fully projection mapped, creating a canvas that offers the entire space to digital artists. As ever with JSC, expect some fun, good parties, great music, good food and a welcoming and creative environment.

Can you reveal what kind of thing will be on the menu?

The REDYELLOWBLUE menu will present the full JSC offer; Allpress coffee, gorgeous cocktails and a selection of local and international spirits and beers. In the kitchen, Wild Dog will spread its wings to E20 from JSC’s successful Hand of Glory pub in Hackney. The daily menu will feature wild boar dogs, neon slaws and burgers. Saturday’s menu will feature Wild Dog’s brunch and Sunday’s will be focused entirely on a ‘proper Northern roast’.

The JaguarShoes Collective has venues at several east London locations, but why was East Village chosen for REDYELLOWBLUE?

All of our other venues are located within buildings that have a history that dictates the soul of them. When we were offered the chance to take on a completely new build, in which we could really decide on the personality for ourselves, it was too much of a temptation for our creative minds. It’s great to be part of creating an entirely new area of London; to be there at the very beginning of what could be a very exciting part of the city we all love.

JAGUAR-SHOES_2-1013x675Image: JaguarShoes

East London is known for its diverse art scene; how do you source the pieces that go into display at the venues? 

Of course we can’t give away all of our secrets, but over the 15 years that we have been producing exhibitions, we have amassed a huge collective of artists that we work with. We are all complete culture vultures so spend a lot of our own time at exhibitions and talking to people about art. Most new people we work with come from seeing something completely by chance and getting that “wow, I have to work with that person” moment.

Do you have a personal highlight from your time working at JaguarShoes?

I’m one of the very lucky people in London that can get home at the end of the day and say that they truly love their job. It’s hard to pick one real highlight, but having just spent nine months building and installing REDYELLOWBLUE, I have to say that one of my highlights was being able to step out on the last day of the install and see it really come alive for the first time.

retailer_maps_1Image: East Village

And finally – when you’re not at the JaguarShoes venues, where are your other favourite London spots?

With such a varied portfolio of venues, I find it hard to not just go to one of our own venues, but when I do, I am a relaxed pub kind of guy. The Hemingway on Victoria Park Road is excellent, and the selection of Beers at the Cock Tavern on Mare Street always keeps me going back for more.

The doors of REDYELLOWBLUE are now open! To check out their latest exhibitions or sample their menu, head to RedYellowBlue, 3.3 Victory Parade, E20 1GB. For more information, check out:

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