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London Launch: Ginger & Mint Juice Bar

Independent juice bar and food café, Ginger & Mint, have opened a cool new shop in East Village. G&M is the perfect spot to fuel your healthy-living, with a vast range of liquid feasts and freshly prepared food on offer. The first G&M juice bar launched in Covent Garden back in 2004, and their latest opening here in the former Athlete’s Village is now open. If you’ve been looking for a place that keeps your healthy lifestyle in gear, G&M is definitely a place that will look after your body and mind!

ginger & mintImage: Ginger and Mint

 You may be overwhelmed as you first enter G&M, with the vast array of concoctions on the menu written up on the board in front of you. From fruit, veg, breakfast and superfood smoothies to spice boosters, milkshakes and protein shakes, you will be spoilt for juice… oops! We mean choice! Then it’s all about deciding what you want in your freshly prepared drink. Ingredients include Acai, Hemp, Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao and Matcha to take your fancy.

If the options are too much to make the decision on your own, the friendly G&M staff are on hand to help you out. Tell them what you fancy or describe the flavours you’re into and they’ll suggest the perfect combination for you. Want something spicy? Get some turmeric in there. Fruity? Kiwi! Or something a little fresher? Just add some mint.

If you’re a juice fanatic, always needing a pick me up after a session at the gym or from your deep practice of yoga, G&M offer juice packages. Dependent on your package you can pick up to five juices a day and you can even opt in for a full five-day package and commit to a juice cleanse. For more information, take a look here. 

The healthy goodness doesn’t stop there; they go all the way with their freshly prepared food too. At London Living we’ve been raving about the fresh sandwiches and wraps, salad boxes and hot dishes. In fact, our lunchtime couldn’t come sooner!

ginger & mint 2Image: Ginger and Mint

As for prices, it ranges from £3.50 for a small juice to £5.50 for Superfood & Breakfast Smoothies. As for food, the prices range from £3 to £6.50. They also offer meal deals, which include a small juice. For G&M’s full menu and prices take a look here.

You can find Ginger and Mint at East Village, 13-14 Victory Parade, E20 1FS.

Have you tried out Ginger & Mint? Leave a comment below and let us know what juice you went for!

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