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The Olympic Park Says Hello!

Pssst, we have an idea for you. It might sound a little strange, but bear with us. Get on down to Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and try talking to a lamp post or two – trust us, they’ll have a thing or two to say back to you…

 ll-hellolamppost3Image: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

This intriguing project, called Hello Lamp Post, brings objects in the Park to life (not quite Cogsworth and Chip in Beauty and the Beast, but almost!). It will run throughout November and the ‘game’ is easy enough to play along. Simply look out for objects with a number on them – including lamp posts, bus stops and benches. Then whip out your phone and text ‘hello’ followed by the object’s name and numbered hashtag. You’ll get a text back from the object, and then you can chat until your heart’s content!

The technology encourages visitors to share their memories, opinions and feedback with street objects – or even just have a little chat. The novel messages share info about recent history, and provide more information about the park itself. Check out this video to see how it works…

Hello Lamp Post – London from PAN Studio on Vimeo.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to speak to the iconic buildings and features of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, such as the London Stadium, Lee Valley VeloPark, the London Aquatics Centre and the Olympic Rings. Every building and street object has its own personality, knowledge and questions to ask you.

One of the best things about this delightfully eccentric project is that different types of objects have different personalities. Get on down to meet the objects for yourselves and find out more about lamp posts’ quirks and insecurities.

 ll-hellolamppost2Image: The Stadium

All you need to interact with the various structures around the park is a mobile phone that can send messages – don’t worry, it doesn’t cost a thing. Simply find the code marked on the object and text hello, the type of object and the code to the official Hello Lamp Post phone number for London: 0203 389 8860. For example, if a post box has the code “BS1024” written on it, you can start talking to it by texting: “Hello Post Box #BS1024″. What are you waiting for?!

Have you already met a lamp post or the like in E20? Let us know what you chatted about in the comments below!

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